Saving Money by Watching Utility Usage

Saving Money Ideas

Saving MoneyNowadays, every penny counts! Saving a couple of dollars here and there on miscellaneous expenses like cable and electricity can really add up over the course of one month. Here are a couple of ideas and tips to help you save a few dollars every month by cutting back on miscellaneous expenses.

For starters, switch to cell phone only. At approximately fifty dollars a month, cell phones offer an amazing array of features to keep you entertained. Gone are the days of cell phone plans with limitations too, and long distance is always free, so you will save in that area too. The cheapest home phone services are roughly twenty to thirty dollars a month, so you can consider that money as saving money.

The next step you can do to saving money on utility expenses is to watch your thermostat. It is estimated that you can save up to ten percent on your electricity bill for every degree colder you keep it in the winter, and every degree warmer in the summer. This can easily save thirty to forty dollars in one month. Total savings at this point? Fifty dollars monthly.

When you leave your home to go to work, or simply when a device or light is not in use, make sure to turn it off! While the savings are minimal if not strictly enforced, if strictly enforced you may see savings upwards of ten dollars a month. so you can consider that money as saving money.

Another great idea to save some money is to cancel that monster of a cable bill. The lesser cable plans can cost fifty dollars a month, and they range upwards of one hundred dollars a month. Netflix offers a great affordable alternative, and there is never a shortage of TV to watch at only ten dollars a month. This alternative offers you a savings of nearly ninety dollars a month. Now we have saved nearly one hundred and fifty dollars a month!

Limiting your water usage is also a wise plan. Take quicker showers, at a lower water pressure. This will reduce the cost to heat the water, and the water used overall. Wash dishes in one large batch rather than several smaller ones, and if your family can handle it, flush the toilet only after defecating rather than each time you urinate. This may save another twenty dollars a month.

If worst comes to worst, and oftentimes it does, it never hurts to ask for help. Frequently, the government assistance can mean the difference between hunger and health, a home or homelessness. While you may have to swallow some of your pride, government assistance can help see you through until better days arrive.

Some people ignore how much they spend on miscellaneous expenses. Whether this is electricity, cable, telephone, or hot water, all these expenses add up. We have found that by making some small cut backs, we can save nearly two hundred dollars a month. This may seem like little, however in the course of a year it adds up to well over two thousand dollars!