Seven Things You Should Never Buy New

Things you should never buy new

Buy NewPaying full retail is nobody’s idea of smart, but many consumers think it’s the only way. Au contraire! The following seven items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can buy used and save yourself a bundle. Check them out and just imagine the cash you could be keeping for yourself instead of handing over to the retailers.

1. Cars. Everyone knows how much value is lost by a car as soon as you pull out of the lot; look seriously for a two or three year old car that still has a factory warranty on it and save yourself literally thousands of dollars up-front and in insurance costs.

2. Furniture. One great characteristic of a lot of furniture is that you can re-finish it to a newness or your own liking. Rather than paying full retail for a brand buy new dresser or end-table, pick up something unique at a yard-sale and enjoy spiffing it up some.

3. Video games and CD’s. There are many places to pick up previously-owned games and disks in great condition. Consequently, there’s simply no reason to absorb the astronomical costs of getting buy new ones. Especially with children who want the latest release in all the big-named animations, hunt down great deals and you can even end up with a greater volume of movies and games while still having paid much less.

4. Books and textbooks. The price of brand buy new textbooks borders on the insane; some of them cost more than the course itself! Look for online deals or exchanges where you can pick up the needed school books at give-away prices. Also, use your local library for the latest best-seller you will read once quickly and then be through with. Check out the book section at a yard-sale or thrift store because the printed word holds no less value simply because it is pre-owned.

5. Baby and kid’s clothes. Children grow so fast, it’s hard to justify them brand buy new clothes all the time. Visit a Goodwill on their monthly half-off everything day and load up on all kinds of things your kids will love, need for school or romping around in play land. While you’re at it, see what you can find for yourself too!

6. Tools and garden equipment. Most of these items are built to last for years, so check want-ads or Craigslist for great deals on whatever you may need for your home repairs and landscaping. Lawnmowers, power-tools, ladders and even smaller hand-held tools like hammers and screwdrivers can always be found for sale somewhere: take full advantage!

7. Toys. Not only can you find amazing savings at thrift stores and yard-sales, you could start a toy exchange with other parents where you swap off toys in great condition that your kids have outgrown or lost interest in. Toys, especially the big basics like bikes, slides, play-houses and tot tables, usually outlast even multiple kids within the same family. Don’t pay full retail for these things when there is bound to be somebody else looking to get rid of them cheaply or for free.

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to, even if money is no object. Those of us who need to adhere to a budget will take much pleasure in following the above ways to save and find even more helpful tips to doing so. Stop paying retail and save yourself a bundle, by buying things used instead.