Start Saving More Money On Food Now

Tips to Start Saving More Money Today

Saving More MoneyEveryone is looking to saving more money these days, and if you look more closely at your household’s handling of food, you will probably see a whole lot of room for improvement. Check out the following ways you can start saving more money big on your food bill.

1. Dine in more often. The difference in price between the same food in a restaurant or made in your own kitchen is astronomical. What you could spend less than five dollars for at home will cost you up to three or four times as much, just for a little ambiance. Multiply that savings by how many times you dine out in a year and you’ve got a new flat-screen, energy-efficient washer and dryer or a real hefty savings bond!

2. Make your own great coffee. Americans spend millions on to-go and specialty coffees, and if you do the math by the cup, that’s mega-bucks that could be in your pocket instead. Start with a great coffee maker, pay a little more for the coffee you prefer most and buy a travel mug. You save money, end of story.

3. Buy generic. For most items, there is little to no difference between the store brand and national name, other than that price tag. In fact, most popular brands get their products from the same places as the generic companies; they just pay so much more in advertising to get you to like them, so you can pay more! The no-name brand is often cheaper than big-name products that are on sale.

4. Bargains by the bulk. So much money is there for the saving more money when you shop in bulk quantities, it’s almost silly not to! Particularly non-perishable, necessary items such as toilet paper, napkins, paper towels and cleaning supplies. Actively seek out saving more money of time by buying in larger quantities.

5. Brown bagging lunch. Not only is this method more economically efficient, it’s also much healthier. Most especially if you are trying to manage your weight too, packing a sandwich on whole-grain bread with a few pieces of delicious fruit on the side will definitely work in your favor! To keep your bread from getting soggy, store lettuce and tomato in a small, reusable plastic container. Invest in ways that will make the meal more appealing to keep your motivation for doing it up.

6. Make a list and check it twice. Shopping by design will save you a lot of money and time; have a standard list and add to it only after you have planned out a menu for the week. This will prevent you from buying things you don’t need and on impulse. Give yourself a time limit for grocery shopping too, or only go when you are in a hurry.

7. Check expiration dates before you buy. If you are not going to use an item prior to its end-date, you are probably going to end up throwing at least some of it away. That’s a waste of your money; read the label and plan your purchases accordingly.

We’ve got to make tough decisions when it comes to pinching pennies, so put these tips to good use in your household and look for even more ways to spend wisely. It only takes a little time and effort to yield extraordinary saving.