Save More Money With These Smart Personal Finance Tips

Isn’t everyone looking for a few extra dollars in their pockets? These are tough financial times and every dollar counts. What are you doing to keep a few extra greenbacks for yourself? If you don’t know, take a look at these smart personal finance tips below. They’ll give you plenty of ways to make a financial difference.the following read this articles smart personal finance tips.

Smart Personal Finance Tips – Save Money

Smart Personal Finance TipsWhen shopping, only buy what is on your list; steer clear of unplanned purchases. It’s those extra things that you just happen across that can really empty a bank account. If a product isn’t so much of a necessity that it made your pre-shopping list, then there is really no need to purchase it. Yes, you may still get that shopping itch though and want to spend. When you feel it, stop, take a breath and ask yourself whether it is really necessary. More often than not the answer is no.

Use coupons to your advantage. There is a bit of a taint to coupons; some people feel they are a sign of being lower class. But today’s financial world has changed all of that. Coupons are an amazing way to keep a ton of cash in your bank account. Some businesses even offer up to 20% off of any one item in their store! If you have an expensive purchase, this can be hundreds of dollars. Grocery store shopping with coupons can save you 15% to 50% off of your total bill. If your budget is already tight, coupons are an exceptional way to gain some wiggle room back.

Stay away from extended warranties. The salesperson may be telling you how necessary that warranty is, but typically you are only giving your hard earned cash to the company with no real benefit over time. Most products come with a year warranty already, and any product failure due to poor craftsmanship usually happens in year one. If you survive year one, you’ll normally have many years of good use of a product. So that extended warranty really serves little purpose. Sure, there are outliers. There are stories all over about how an extended warranty saved a person thousands. But for every person this is true for, there are tens of thousands of people who bought extended warranties and never received any benefit.

Sell items around your home that are just collecting dust. Between eBay and Amazon Marketplace, you have exceptional ways to quickly sell your used clothing, books, media and anything else you can think of. It’s like a virtual garage sale which can lead to big cash back to you. If you are selling gadgets and don’t want the hassle of dealing with buyers, listings and fees, you can also look to Gazelle ( They buy used computers, tablets, phones and gaming systems at reasonable rates.

These are only a few great ways to get some cash back into your bank account. There are many more out there, too. If you are feeling cash strapped, like many people are, use these smart personal finance tips immediately and keep researching for new ways to save and make money too. Soon, you’ll have a little breathing room again in your budget.