How To Save Money During Tough Times

Best Ways to Save Money and Stay Safe

Save MoneyIn this uncertain economy, many people are looking for ways to stretch their dollars and make ends meet. The good news is there are lots of ways to save money and stay on top of your financial situation. Here are some effective methods for using your money wisely and generating cash for your savings account.

Save money on your food and grocery bill. This can be done in a multitude of ways. First, limit eating out to no more than once a month. This includes lunches, so get creative and brown bag it to save money every work day. Make eating out a treat and not something you rely on regularly to stretch your food dollars to the max. Next, plan your weekly menus ahead of time and always shop from a pre-made list. Clip coupons from magazines and store flyers. Make your list while considering what is on sale. All the major stores have websites that will show you exactly what is on sale currently, so begin your list by checking out those sale items. Using a list will help you be more efficient with buying items that can be used together, and you will be less tempted to impulse shop if you stick to your list.

Smart Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

Shop around for a less expensive television entertainment package. A lot of money can be saved just by calling your provider and asking about discounts or deals. Often you can eliminate channels that you don’t watch often and walk a way with big savings. If your current company doesn’t have any discounts, call around and check out the competition. The same thing can be done with your internet service or phone service. So, shop around and you can save money on entertainment, internet or phone access.

Contribute something to your savings account every payday. Even a few dollars each pay period will add up over time and can make a big difference if an emergency comes up. Without a savings fund, the only way to get through emergencies is to take on debt and we all know how expensive that can be. So, if you are not already growing your savings account now, get started so you have a cushion for unexpected expenses.

Consider getting a second job. A part-time second job can generate a cash influx that makes the difference between getting by and getting ahead. Better yet, think about starting a side business. You may have a hobby or interest that can be made into a profitable business. Learning that your main job isn’t the only way to make money will open your horizons and get you thinking about new ways of bringing in money.

Have a yard sale to get rid of unneeded items around your house and make some extra cash. Sell suitable items on Ebay or Craigslist. This is a great way to clean out your closets and storage areas. You may be surprised at what people will pay for your things, but give it a try. Make sure to advertise your sale in free newspapers or online forums, Put a sticker price on every item as people don’t always like to barter. Be clear about your prices but also be willing to haggle with interested parties. You want to sell as much as possible so don’t be too picky about your selling prices. Your earnings can be added to your savings account making an even bigger safety net for the uncertain future.

So, there you have it. With the tips above you can save money during the hardest economic times. These ideas are tried and true methods for cutting your spending and generating cash for your savings account without imposing painful budgetary restrictions. Start living within your means and dedicate yourself to creating a sizable savings account and you will be well prepared for whatever the future holds.