GreenStudent Assisting Student Loan Consolidation Efforts

GreenStudent Assisting Student Loan Consolidation Efforts

Student LoanGreenstudent is pleased to announce that if you are a recent college or university graduate struggling to maintain up with your month-to-month student loan payments, there are many choices available to assist you. What ever your current monthly income or the amount …
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Are student loan worth it?
Dear Liz: I am a junior in college, and I may have to take out a loan my senior year due to the fact of financial cuts in the state. Is it truly a bad idea to take a loan for college? Answer: No, it&#39s not. You don&#39t want to overdose on education debt, but a …
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Viewpoint: Cease Calling Student Loan a “Bubble”!
The thing is, the student loan industry can&#39t crash, pop, fizzle, or otherwise all of a sudden deflate because the Division of Education backs at least 85% of all student loans. Of the remaining loans that are privately issued, 90% have cosigners. On leading of …
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