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A currency exchange facility is operated by the financial services sector , whose business premises customers money can change. Brought foreign currency is from the local employees to banknotes and / or coins to another – to the services – usually the domestic currencies exchanged. Statutory cash change hands.

Exchange offices are also on the widely used names Bureau de change (from the French "ECHANGER" "convert" =) or Exchange (in English) or Cambio recognizable. There are companies, in addition to the main activity of the money alternation also gold in the form of coins or bullion to buy or sell and the money transmission services operate. The services of the exchange office to another can pay to be connected but the price difference between buying and selling.

If the currency exchange operates money remittance business, it is usually as a provider for international suppliers, such as Western Union , works. A customer can pay here at home, for example, except payment of a service fee for a cash amount to the beneficiary abroad are also paid in cash.

Exchange offices operate mainly travelers . Therefore, they are almost always in places with an airport, a seaport, a major railway station or a border crossing there. Established exchange offices are also in cities with international exhibitions and fairs . Currency exchange exchange offices run out of credit institutions , some travel agencies , major hotels or by foreign tourists often they visited retail outlets. On cruise ships or ferries at sea is up to the paymaster often the operation of the currency exchange.

A currency exchange earned on the pricing of the arrival or sale price of the convertible currencies or the price differences in gold sales. In addition to the conduct of financial services incur charges. Details are provided in the pricelist .

The exchange rates of the grades are based on the officially fixed exchange rates, plus or minus a margin . You can change daily. Usually only bills are bought or sold. Coins are rather exceptionally acted, because they are less favorable to the customer as the dealer in the prices. This differentiation has. Their cause in higher expenses for storage and, where appropriate, transport or delivery of metal travel funds in the country of origin.

In the last third of the 20th Century, several developments have affected the financial situation of the exchange offices. The spread of ATMs has meant that it can be cheaper for the customer, using its ec- or credit card to get cash with directly in foreign currency in another country from a licensed ATMs. The amount is then converted using the exchange rate and less a bank fee for lifting, debited from his local bank account. Thus, the risk of loss when carrying a large sum of money on travel, such as theft, decreased.

The birth of an exchange rate system comes from the existence of international trade between different countries with different currencies. If for example, a Mexican company sells products to a Spanish company, want to cash in pesos, so the Spanish company must purchase Mexican pesos and use them to pay the Mexican manufacturer. Individuals and companies who want to buy foreign currencies should see their currency market . In this market determines the price of each of the currencies expressed in the national currency. At this price is called the exchange rate.

The determination of the exchange rate is through the foreign exchange market. The exchange rate as the price of a currency is established, as in any other market for the meeting of supply and demand for currencies. If we analyze, for example, a hypothetical situation in which there are only two currencies the euro and the dollar. The demand for dollars (euros bid) arises when consumers of the various European countries need dollars to buy goods from the United States.

Just as they need dollars if a European company wants to buy a building in New York, when a German tourist traveling to San Francisco as if a Swedish company or purchase shares of a U.S. entity, but it can still be a reason to dollars that is pure speculation, is the thought that the dollar will rise in value against the euro will cause the demand for dollars rises.

When analyzing the contrary, the supply of dollars (euros demand), this is done by many organizations and citizens who need euros for their needs (basically the same as we have discussed before, buying goods and services, investment and speculation. )

Equilibrium in a competitive market between supply and demand will make the price of the dollar against the euro, or what is the same price of the euro against the dollar. In the currency markets is known as depreciation declining price of one currency against another.

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