This Week In Credit Card News: Risks Of Prepaid Cards, Paying Taxes With A Credit Card

This Week In Credit Card News: Dangers Of Prepaid Cards, Paying Taxes With A
Even though they are becoming more well-known as an alternative to conventional checking accounts, reloadable prepaid cards don&#39t have to carry federal deposit insurance, as checking accounts do, says a new report from a project of the Pew Charitable Trusts.
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Australia Post clients at risk of identity theft after sorter stole credit
AUSTRALIA Post customers have been left exposed to potential scams and identity theft following a worker at a Sydney postal centre was caught stealing credit cards and other sensitive info for criminal contacts. Investigators are unable to say how …
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Credit Card Debt At 18-Year Low: Have We Learned Our Lesson?
As the economy stabilizes, much more banks will loosen present credit requirements, believing that their risk management practices can efficiently assess lesser credit risks. Historically, such views have been proven wrong much more than after, but the need for …
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