How can I work from home?I have 8 month old daughter and would like to earn some extra cash. What can I do?

Question by joanka: How can I work from home?I have 8 month old daughter and would like to earn some extra cash. What can I do?

I am computer literate. I have tried doing Avon but i am not sales type of person I would like to help with a home budget but dont know how Best answer: Answer by Mary Smith You need to be really careful if you want to work from home as there are lots of scams. Basically if a company is asking you for money before they will let you have any work, don’t touch them. There are lots of companies out there who will let you advertise yourself for free and also list jobs which you can bid on. They are really easy to use. Remember it should be the company paying you for work, not you paying the company. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


  1. Lois Lane says

    Joan, There are many web-based businesses that you can do from your computer. Even affiliate programs are good. Check out for some ideas

  2. yes their are some good work from home programs

  3. I wouldn’t say this is good money but it’s decent, honest, money and it pays the bills.
    I work for a online company called ChaCha as an expeditor and have been going strong with them for about 4 years now.
    You can work as a guide, expeditor, or transcriber answering random questions that people may have, that range from weather to advice to simple conversations.
    You make your own hours. You can work as little or as much as you want. Again, the pay isn’t the best but it’s better than nothing and plus they have contests and fun events when they can. You should check it out. If you decide that ChaCha is right for you, please put me as a referral: My email is [email protected]

    This is their site to become a guide:

    Hope this helps! It has for me.

  4. Special Black says

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  5. Johan De lange says

    There are a lot of scams for work from home. The best is to start your own thing.
    I found that afilliate marketing is very easy and you can achieve great results with little or no capital outlay
    Check out the video which discribe step by step how to generate cash.
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  6. James Dawson says

    I stumbled across this website earlier in the week. I was referred to them by
    Project Payday. You complete their Fast First Fifty program and get $ 50 in
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  7. Virgil Ross says

    Be careful, because there are lots of jobs that aren’t legit out there. You should stay with the companies/products who you know have been around a while.
    There are no jobs as such in the online world, people make money with websites and blogs.
    It takes some learning though.
    There is some info and vids here:
    it won’t cost a penny.

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