How do you Buy a Video Camera? What should I look for in it?

Question by .: How do you buy a video camera? What should I look for in it?

Will use it for home videos.

video camera

Budget is 500.00

Should I get the memory or the disc?

I really don’t know, last time I bought one video camera. It was 7 years ago, and there’s so many to choose from now and so many features. video camera options are very confusing, I need help, I don’t want to waste my money.

Thank You Community!

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Answer by iridflare
“Home videos” covers a lot of possibilities! I still prefer MiniDV to either hard drive or semiconductor memory. DVD is a complete waste of money! You bought a camcorder 7 years ago – if you could say what’s wrong with it (I’m assuming it still works) we could give you more advice.

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