How do you Manage your Family Budget in One Income…?

Question by studentafter30: How do you manage your family budget in one income…?

Family Budgeti need some family budget advice how to save spme money every stay home moms can contribute to family budget? we have two cars whuch we can not eliminate. we have one child and one is in plan.

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Answer by familyof404
i would hold off on baby 2 4 now. trust me i have 3.check out suze orman on TV or the net she will help a lot with her advice. you can get her book the money book for the young, fabulous and broke. look into working from home on the net but be care full do research b4 signing up. i know we fell for it. and when money is tight u don’t want a rip off. good luck.

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  1. I am a stay at home mom and boy did I fight with my hubby about getting a job cause I hated that I was not contributing to my family…then hubby finally got through to me.

    1) we do not spend any money on day care.
    2) I am not too tired after working all day to cook dinner…so no money is spent on fast food.
    3) we came up with a budget we could live with, and stuck with it.

    do you have any idea how much money it would cost to have a maid come in and cook and clean? You are such a great deal for your family…you contribute every time you wipe the pee from the toilet….you contribute every time you kiss a boo boo….You get the idea.

  2. Very simply, keep a record of every nickle spent, even for a coffee, and don’t spend more than you earn. If you do spend more than you earn you need to do one of two things, earn more to meet the expenditures or spend less to meet current earnings. Most important, keep a diary of everything you spend, that’s what Rockefeller did. That’s John D. Rockefeller, SR. Read the book, “the Titan” by Ron Chernow. It’s about the life of J. D. Rockefeller, SR. a very interesting book.

    Keeping a record of everything you spend money on will tell you were you can cut expenditures if you need to.

  3. I’m not gonna waste my time telling you about work at home crap.
    If the old lady wanted to work, it wouldn’t be a single income thing.. Its real simple, spend less than you make, I don’t understand why so many of us Americans don’t get this! I’m 36 y/o, three small kids, wife in private grad school… House is paid for, cars are paid for, my only debt is monthly utilities and insurance.

    You really need to sit down and see where your money is going. If your child is old enough to have a piggy bank, I bet you could ask him/her how much money is in there… Your probably gonna get an amount to the exact penny! Do you know EXACTLY how much money you have right this moment? With out haveing to spend time calling the bank. It is very disturbing that so many of us go through this. I did! Fortunately, when I sat down to figure this out, I found that I had a lot more money than I realized! I just wasn’t carefull as to how I was spending it!

  4. Read this excellent article titled “How To Simplify Your Living Expenses”:

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