How much money should teens put into the family budget for the family?

Question by Phamtastic: How much money should teens put into the family budget for the family?

When family finances are tight should teens be required to add a certain amount of income to the family budget in order to provide housing, food, etc. for the family budget? Why or why not?

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  1. Depends what age. 13-18 absolutely not. As a parent, your job is to take care of your child fully until the age of 18 when they are considered an adult. Once they become an adult at the age of 18, they are given the option to move out, and do it ALL on their own, or contribute to the household, making it much cheaper on them. But no, absolutely not until they are an adult.

  2. They shouldnt unless they’re 18 and older, any younger and its the parents responsiblity to take care of the income, a child needs to be a child and not worry about earning money because their parents suck at being parents and cannot provide.

  3. Beautiful love says

    Should they be required to no. Should they just because they see the struggle first hand? Yes. I did. I was 16 and had a job and it was just me and my mom. I helped out all the time. I bought my own clothes and anything else I needed. You would be amazed and what good it not only does for your family but yourself as well.

  4. no, it is the parents job to support the children not the other way around!!!

  5. letterstoheather says

    No… teens are not responsible for their parents’ (or any other adult’s) debts. If a teen happens to have a job and wants to buy himself clothing and other things he needs, that’s fine.

  6. I am a teenager and I have a job (only a few hours a week) and I give my mum and dad some money from my wages every month just to help out. They don’t ask for it but I like to give them a little bit of money to help out and show them that I am thankful to them and very grateful and they are very grateful in return. I do think teenagers should help out with a little bit of money from their wages every month if they can and if they don’t work I think they should have a set or chores or something to help around the house each week/cook a meal once a week or things like that. Xx

  7. No, teenagers are not responsible for how much income the parents make. Right now, a teen’s money is for college, and college only. It is not fair that a teen should worry about family finances when they have So many other things to worry about. School, social life, college, etc. This also depends on whether the teenager is over 18.

  8. I think it really depends on how much money your earning. If you do work then I think your family should assess how much of that you should contribute. Eg: if you get $ 200 a fortnight then paying 50-60 per week is good enough, that leaves you between $ 150-140 per week, which is good.

    I was paying for things when I was in high school to take the burden away from my family. I would pay for my own clothes, shoes, makeup, toiletries and other things that was just for me, that way my mom didn’t have to pay for that sort of stuff and there would be money left over for her to pay the bills,rent groceries etc….

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