How Would I Keep My Next Wife From Overspending?

How Would I Keep My Next Wife From OverspendingQuestion by Alias: How would I keep my next wife from overspending?

Money issues, especially debt, are what most marital arguments are about. And, most divorces are related to finances. If I were to remarry, how would I keep my next wife from overspending? I can’t keep her locked in the house, for example! She’d be free to apply for credit cards online or go down to the nearest car dealer and blow the family budget, if she wants.

What should I do?

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Answer by Spot
Fair question. What I tried to get my wife to do is take all of our credit cards and put them in a lock box and put two locks on it and each of keep a key. That way, we’d have to sit down and actually talk about a credit card purchase before it could happen.
She didn’t agree to it and we are in financial trouble due to debt.

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  1. If this has been a problem with a woman/women in your past? Then learn the lessons that best protect you in the future, namely? You look for a woman who is responsible with money – PERIOD. Nothing less WILL DO. You need to have this vital trait IN COMMON.

    That should lessen your worry a great deal. That said? Keeping a separate bank account and each paying different bills might help…Knowing the community property laws of your state. And moreover? Making it crystal clear where you’re coming from all the way down the road of the courtship and if works, into marriage.

    If you don’t know this about a person BEFORE you “tie the knot” you’re asking for trouble, especially if you’re older than 30…

    I suspect your problem, whatever it was prior with a woman? Might not have gotten out of hand had you checked your credit report every few months IF you were suspicious as well as guarding your security by freezing certain inquiries to your report FOR credit card issuance without a call/contact to you first.


  2. Easy: find a woman who is good with money. There are plenty of women out there who won’t put their shopping habit ahead of their family. Just look for someone who you can tell spends within their means. Like a girl who drives a honda and shops at goodwill. And not a sales rep who makes $ 8/hour and has coach purses and Louis Vutton shoes.

  3. soon tobe mrs thomas says

    I totally agree with finding a woman who values good money management skills. Im sure in the beginning stages of dating, you should be able to see how she does with money. Or you could also have separate accounts.

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