If I Invite a Family to a Children’s Concert am I Expected to Pay?

Question by Paula P: If I invite a family to a ` am I expected to pay?

I wanted to invite another mother and her child to go see a children’s disney live concert. Am I expected to pay for her and her child as well? Would be fun to have another family with us but tickets are $ 40 a piece and that is tight on a family budget. What is the rules of etiquette on this?

If I invite a family to a children’s concert am I expected to pay
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Answer by DocJ
not if you make it clear upfront that you’d like them to go but you can’t afford to pay.

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  1. No way. When you ask just mention the price. Most people wouldn’t expect that anyway.

  2. New England Babe says

    It depends on how you ask. If you say: “would you like to come too?” Than you provide the tickets. If you say: “we should get tickets so we can go together” than that implies she buys her own.

    Just be careful in the asking and you can avoid any miscommunication.

    Have fun!

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