Is there such a thing as Personal Finance as a career?

Question by hottiecj *~♥~*~♥~*: Is there such a thing as Personal Finance as a career?

And what exactly would it be called and how do I go about doing it? I want to be able to teach personal Finance. Home Budgeting, basic estate planning and basic investing. What is this and do I need a degree to do it? If so, in what?

Please help! Managing money is my only talent, and I have a passion for teaching it to others. How can I translate this into a career for myself?
P.S. I’m a stay-at-home mom, we own or own home, and are raising 4 kids with no government assistance on my husband’s $ 34,000 a year. I’ve been told I have a flair for managing money. ;personal finance

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Answer by ANNIE
yes, it is very much there….rather u have great scope in this field…..good going!!!!!

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  1. There are careers in personal finance, if you look at your local universities or community colleges you will see coursework and probably degrees in it. Companies like Prudential, Goldman Sachs, etc hire people to put together investment plans to cover things like children’s education, health care, retirement, housing, and even wealth generation. In many cases you can apply to these companies if you have some degree already for certain entry level positions. Many times fo really advance you will have to take additional classes the company or other groups give on securities as an example so you can be licensed in your state to see products of the company like stocks, insurance, etc.

  2. Managing household expenses and managing serious investments are two different things. You may be a great coupon clipper, but a horrible stock picker.

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