Q&A: Does anyone know where to find a good budget list?

Question by el: Does anyone know where to find a good budget list?

I’m trying to set a family budget, and I need a website that I can print off an actual budget list so we can track what we are spending and also set up a budget from there. I have quicken, but it’s tough because of different bank accounts. Any suggestions?

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Answer by AB`With quicken you can look at your total expenses in categories for the month even if they are in different bank accounts. I don’t know which version you use so I can’t say exactly where it is but the reports show you your total income and expenses for the month or year if you ask it to show you that.

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  1. Enchantress71 says

    I love the budgets on Microsoft templates. Try this one: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/TC062062791033.aspx

  2. donfletcheryh says

    Bank accounts are rarely involved with bugeting.

    I use MS Money and it has a good list of likely budget items in the categories list.
    But I mostly use gnucash, a free open source software application that comes with Ubuntu operating system (also free) Gnucash is a full functioning personal accounting system.

    You can take a look at MSMoney online to see its list of predefined categories. Remember that MSMoney allows people to define their own categories too.

    I went from MSMoney to GNUcash and copied over the categories I actually use. So I never got around to using the standard list within gnucash.

  3. misslabeled says

    Quicken lets you customize the budget and include/exclude the accounts. I don’t like it, but I have played with it and know it works. You just need to take the time to work it. Only your know what needs to be in your family budget, and your Quicken spending will show it to you… and surprise you.

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