Q&A: How Much will it Cost to Upgrade My Computer?

Question by vgpower1510: How much will it cost to upgrade my computer?

Here are my options
1) I can install more Ram I have around 256 and want at least an additional 400-1000. Whats the price?Upgrade My Computer?
2) Upgrade my computer graphics card: which one is the best at the moment with a good price. I want one better than the one provided in the 2000/2001 model of the Compaq Preserio windows XP home edition. Budget max. 350 dollars.
3) Upgrade my computer. to a windows vista adding and amd 64 latest one or making it duo core. Budget:350 dollars.
which one is the best option and most affordable and what should i get?
If you need the model it is labeled at the end of option 2.

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Answer by kiania
you dont need 2 unless if it is necessary.

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  1. LRonCupboard says

    Errr, if you have a 5 year old Presario your options are limited severely to none of the above. $ 700 dollars would buy you a useable new system which you could upgrade at a later date (not five years from now tho`)

  2. With a budget of 350, you can probably get a decent graphic card and more RAM. Check http://www.newegg.com. I buy all my PC components from there.

    Depending on the age of your computer, you may be better off getting a new computer. 2000/2001 is pretty obselete. You probably won’t be able to install a AMD64 Dual Core processor in there. The mobo probably doesn’t support it. I would just buy a new computer.

  3. alchemist_n_tx says

    You’d be MUCH better off just buying a new computer. Look at what you can get for $ 500 or less: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductCompare.asp?SubCategory=10&CompareItemList=N82E16883107016%2CN82E16883103012%2CN82E16883103024%2CN82E16883107104%2CN82E16883107103 and for slightly more, you can get these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductCompare.asp?SubCategory=10&CompareItemList=N82E16883109003%2CN82E16883102675%2CN82E16883107029%2CN82E16883103011

    Here’s why you don’t want to EVER upgrade to Windows Vista:
    The “Palladium” operating system that they’re talking about in those articles is Windows Vista. Palladium was Microsoft’s code name for Vista, before they thought of calling it Vista.

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