Q&A: How to work or study in the USA?

Question by buketdemelo: How to work or study in the USA?

USAHi..I want to go to the USA to work in my area (english language teaching) or go on further study in other areas.Do you have any ideas about how i can go there to work or study?By the way,i dont have a good financial budget.Thanx

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Answer by joe_cop
My question is, do you have a degree in English? If so, there are many schools here in the USA that you can work at, but you have to take a national exam to determine what grade level you can teach at. As far as going to a school to extend your education, financial aid is available to all students who enter into college as long as you meet the certain criteria. I am attending a community college here in Indiana, but financial aid and housing is available only in universities and some technical schools. I am originally for the Houston, Texas area, there is Texas A&M and it has a really good English Program, Pre-Med, and also Business. But do not let that be your only choice. If you need some help looing for a school you can email me at USA work or study : [email protected] I am always on.

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