Q&A: The Best Home Budgeting Software For Free?

Question by TeraBytes: The best home budgeting software for free?

Budgeting SoftwareI am wondering if anyone knows of a free financial budgeting software you can download. I need a program to track where my money is going each month. I like the envelope system, like Mvelopes.com has, but they charge like $ 140 for it. I am trying to save money and get my debt taken care of, so i cannot spend money to buy that program.

Does anyone know of some good programs?

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Answer by STEVEN F
Budgeting Software CAN make tracking expenses EASIER, but it CAN’T do anything you can’t do on a sheet of paper. I PROMISE you already have a spreadsheet program on you computer. You can track your ‘envelopes’ with it.

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  1. The Professor says

    I Googled Free Budgeting Software and came up with a blog entry that lists a bunch of sites. Check it out at:


    I haven’t personally used any of these, but if they don’t cost anything there isn’t too much risk in trying them.

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