Q&A: What is the best make in a laptop?

Question by littleflower: What is the best make in a laptop?

I want to do away with my old computer and I am thinking of a laptop. laptop use it for email/internet/home budget. No games, photos, CD burner, etc…

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Answer by Rish
Toshiba or Alienware

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  1. No Question

  2. I like the IBM / Lenovo laptops.

  3. ButterflyAngel says

    If you’re only gonna use it for that then, any brand is fine. Take the cheapest one.

  4. amoroushotmama says

    I absolutely LOVE my Toshiba laptop. It has never given me any problems and works great every time!

  5. I have only had Gateways and they have never been a problem.

  6. Get one of Apple’s Powerbooks or iMac laptops.

  7. i have an HP and a Dell they arent laptops but i have had laptos in those kinds and they work excellent

  8. holeekrap789 says

    My compaq worked beautiful for years, my toshiba sucks!!!
    I have gotten varying opinions on dell and haven’t heard anything on any other ones.
    I say go with compaq.

  9. I got a new Dell XPS for christmas and i love it. This is my first laptop. Just use it to search the net even though it comes with the burner and lots of stuff to do many tasks at once. hope this helps. by the way, buy from qvc, it saves u alot of money.

  10. Sebastian S says

    My first suggestion is a Mac. I’ve got a 17″ mac laptop that I use when I’m away from home and I love it. Most Macs (those with a superdrive) will allow you to not only burn cd’s easily, but also dvd’s. Photos are built in and the newer laptops even have a built in camera. Email and internet and everything else is already built into it, and it’s so very easy to use.

    If you are absolutely against the mac (sad, so very sad), then I would recommend the Vaio. It’s Sony, they are a tried and true name, they have a pretty good design, a pretty dang good repair record, and a fairly nice computer.

    Love as always,


  11. It all depends on what you are going to be using it for. If you get a Pentium 4 processor, then you are really just getting a desktop replacement, not a “laptop.” The Centrino processors are designed to give you longer battery life, allowing for travel. If you are looking for top of the line performance, then Alienware is pricey, but, to me, the best. I went with two “desktop replacements” and am completely happy with their performance. The battery life is not too good, though. One is a Compaq, and the other is a Gateway. Figure out exactly what application you are looking for, and make your decision accordingly!!

  12. I have a Sony VAIO and it is by far the best PC laptop i have ever seen and used. I definitely recommend going to a Sony store and checking them out.

    However, my wife has a Mac, and the quality of the hardware components seems very solid and clean and runs with far less problems than any PC. I am not a Mac convert yet becuase I still prefer the PC interface, but it sure seems the quality of Mac laptops are slightly better than most if not all PCs.

  13. Get a MAC! They are more expensive, yes, but they do not use windows/internet explorer, and are rarely infected with bugs. I use a pc, my wife uses a mac, i fight virus’s, she says bless you. The diferance in using a mac can be learned in minutes. My computer repair man says he very rarely see’s a mac, in fact he just worked on a mac that has run an unbelievable 10 years with-out a problem. If you can afford it, even a used one, nothing beats a mac!

  14. it really depends on the user…for programming i wd say HP….for gaming i wd definetely recommend DELL XPS and for E! and fun stuffs and travelling…MAC is the BEST!!!

  15. mackdaddy_mc says

    Anything will do. But for what you want you will like a faster processor speed, less wait time, since you wont’ be running very many apps the RAM isn’t necessary but is good. between 256 and 512 is good. make sure it comes with modem or ethernet installed, and some places include software packages.

    Alienwares are notorious for gamers.

    Personally I like Toshiba.

    MAC?…thats for video editing, they are fast though, and have a few limitations on software.

    You may want a Dell, http://www.dell.com very good customer service.

  16. You people need to stop being lamb to the slaughter.
    Dell has less than 55% approval for customer service, which is about any customer to ever use them. http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2004Feb/gee20040223023954.html

    Macs suck. I had one and I had to pay $ 600 for a stick of ecc ram, since Macs arent really stable, they just use ram that cant have an eror, ecc keeps a computer from failing, unless the computer is designed so poorly that the $ 600 pice of ram fails from heat. I also lost a hard drive and my optical drive stopped working, which is not replaceable in a mac.
    Look at these:
    There are over 25 problems that plague mac laptops right now, compared with 1 for pc’s. they can get viruses, but only if you use internet explorer, and there are a few programs that you can use instead of it, like the superb firefox, which is free.
    MAC cant even get basic things right, like the screen or even a 25 cent fan.

    Macs , dell, and alienware are expensive.

    Acer ans Asus are the best brands for hardware.
    You can get one at Newegg.com
    They are probably the best computers for your dollar.
    For instance:
    A laptop with a t2300 core duo, 1gb of 533 ram, 120gb hard drive, x1600 graphics card, a universal dvd burner, a bluetooth and wireless card, a wxga clear widescreen lcd, ans a Hgh Definition sound card would cost $ 2000 from dell. $ 2000 from Alienware, and $ 2500 from apple.
    Its only $ 1070 from acer. Its called an aspire 5670wlmi.
    If you just want something cheap, go with dell. They just cant be beaten for the low low cost laptops, like $ 400 sometimes. But you get what you pay for with dell.

  17. BEST HINT!!


    BUY online and cheapest you can find!!

    They are all the same and I should know!

    I have bought over a 1000 computers

    Max to spend

    $ 299 for Desktop
    $ 499 for Laptop

    Unless your are making movies or playing games, than buy the best on the market, i.e DELL!

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