Q&A: What to Get For Family Christmas Presents?

Question by goughdrop: What to get for family Christmas presents?

Christmas PresentsCan anyone give me some ideas for good Christmas presents for the following family members? (Budget is $ 50 AUD)

1. Couple in mid 40’s
2. 13 year old girl
3. 15 year old boy

They have everything they need, so I am just looking for some Christmas presents ideas (maybe nice soaps, perfumes, clothing etc)

Thank you for helping out!

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Answer by i♥guppies

I am so glad you have asked this question. I have simply been DYING to answer a question like this. As this is my specialty, I am expecting best answer.

A couple in their mid-fourties do like very different things, I suggest getting the wife a nice soap and bath salt pack or a nice smelling perfume etc. For the man perhaps a casual T-shirt or some nice sunnies. Unless of course they are lesbian/gay I would not know.

The 13 year old girl, perhaps some nice jewelry or perfume or clothes. They seem to be ravelled up in popularity and wanting good Christmas presents. I suggest getting her something she will actually like.

15 year old boys, are often easy. I suggest clothes, or a nice colonge. They never expect much, but always like a nice suprise. Probably get him something he can keep for a while.

Hope I helped, I know I did.

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  1. orangejulius says

    mid 40’s couple: a gift card to a home depot or to a restaurant for a night away from the kids.

    13 year old girl:a clothing item that is her favorite color or some jewelry from a place like claire’s.

    15 year old boy:video game hes been wanting, i recommend asking his parents what they haven’t gotten him.

    good luck 🙂

  2. Look at this site, It has ideas and also offers freebies: which u could give as a gift.


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