What Can I Do With A Bachelor Degree in Accounting and A Master Degree in Economics?

Question by SSBS: what can i do with a bachelor degree in accounting and a master degree in economics?

what can i do with a bachelor degree in accounting and a master degree in economics?i have a master degree in economics and i work as a financial budgets analyst. i am looking forward to continue my study but in a different major which is economics, how can i link economics to my field and my career, what alternative career i can have after getting a master degree in economics?

Best answer- A Master Degree in Economics :

Answer by NotAnyoneYouKnow

One, relatively unknown, but growing field that you could consider is business valuation.

Think about a business valuation firm like a company that does appraisals on real estate, but in this case, the appraisal is being done on the value of a business.

Depending on the purpose for which the valuation is needed, the challenge is to determine the value of the business as of today, as of some point in the past, as of some point in the future, or some combination of all of the above.

A company might seek a valuation as part of a merger or acquisition process – to determine what would be a reasonable price to pay for the company.

A business owner might seek a valuation as part of a divorce or as part of the dissolution of a group of owners or partners – to determine how each person should be fairly compensated for their interest in the company.

Courts require valuations as part of lawsuit settlements.

Upon the death of a business owner, valuations are needed to split the proceeds amongst heirs.

Businesses can be valuated as a going concern (as if they were going to remain in operation), or they can be valuated for dissolution value.

I don’t know if any of that sounds the least bit interesting to you, but it’s a highly lucrative profession. A proper valuation is a major project that involves site visits, interviews with key personnel, auditing of the books, research into economic market conditions both within and outside the industry, etc., etc. Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for a full-scale valuation.

I was involved in this industry for a while, and it’s the kind of rare opportunity that combines accounting and economics. You might want to check it out.

Wikipedia has a credible introduction to the field, and there are a number of websites that provide additional information. If that’s something you’d be curious about, you’ll have to complete education in the process, and earn the appropriate certifications and credentials. The Institute of Business Appraisers is one organization that provides business valuation training.

I hope that helps you – good luck!

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