What is The Best Budgeting or Debt Reduction Tool?

Question by onehundredproofer: What is the best budgeting or debt reduction tool?

Has anybody had experience with an at debt reduction tool that has really helped? I already have my credit cards in a debt consolidation program, but I need to figure out a successful home budget that is easy to stick to – you know, just like a diet 🙂 ha ha :)what is the best budgeting or debt reduction tool?

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Answer by topguntony
Contact Consumer Credit Counceling,this is a government program.They will help.

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  1. The formula is simple … spend less than you earn and avoid future debt. If you review your budget, you will see that after paying the consolidation program, you have a set amount available from your income. In order of importance, make sure to pay rent, utilities, car or transportation off the top. When you get to your disposable income, it’s time to make wise choices about what you want versus what you need. Some people choose an envelope program in getting that disposable amount seperated into seven envelopes, one for each day of the week. With that amount of money, you now have to choose if you would rather have a $ 40 a month cell phone or 8 trips to McDonalds or a new pair of jeans or ???. It’s your money so nobody can tell you how to spend (or not spend) it. The library has really good books that can help you reduce your expenses. One in particular is Mary Hunt’s “Live your life for half the price.” Your financial “diet” can be successful if you put your mind to it. Start today to track your spending and make sure what you buy is giving you value. Concentrate on needs rather than wants. You can need a new pair of jeans but they need not be $ 60 designer label ones. You may need a cup of coffee but it doesn’t have to be from Starbucks. Cash will help you think of the work that went into the income rather than plastic. You’ve already seen how that can get you in trouble. You CAN do it. Are you psyched up enough???

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