What is the best cheapest way to protect a home from burglars?

Question by Ulises M: What is the best cheapest way to protect a home from burglars?

burglarsBurglars have broken into our house twice and took really expensive items such as tvs laptops jewlery and other stuff so what. Could be the bes way to secure a home with a budget? and What is burglars?

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Answer by The Only Real American
Just by a security camera I would suggest an alarm and have those sensor things attached to the doors and windows but that would be pretty costly.

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  1. Maybe a guard dog? Someone else can probably answer more in depth, but it’s an idea.

  2. It depends, a good way might be to get a dog such as a Boxer who would defend your house, other ways might simply be a burglar alarm.

  3. do you have a dog? its possible that no matter how you lock up it has to be someone you might know. start telling the neighbors to help keep an eye out. get stickers and cameras to put around the house even if there fake. put those things in the yard to let people know you have cameras in place even though you dont. you only want to deter them. put sticks to block the window from opening. start setting up traps that you know that are loud. like cans in the opening so when they step on them they make alot of noise. where you live matters a lot. the greatest thing is prayer. pray, believe, and have heart and patience and most of all get some insurance.

  4. there are several ways. Decrease windows in the house, get an alarm system, and get more locks on the house

  5. I went through the very same thing as you until I finally broke down and bought an alarm system. It was not cheap, but considering what I had lost before that, I would have been money ahead, by far, to have bought it in the first place. Somehow the word gets out among the bad guys and they will leave your home alone. There are easier places to burgle.

  6. blue vintage says

    Well, the best way to protect your home again thief is install a home security system.
    Security system generally divided into 2 main category, indoor home security which utilize with motion sensor, camera surveillance and alarm system and help monitor doors, windows and any necessary spot inside your house.

    Outdoor home security systems also utilizes motion sensing technology. Outdoor floodlights and video cameras use motion sensors to activate themselves and either scare away an intruder, or catch them in the act.

    With these advances in technology happening at such a rapid rate, it’s hard to keep up with the innovative ways in which one is able to provide security for their home and aloved ones. For instance, by using a smart phone, you can now monitor any activity happening at your home while being on vacation thousands of miles away. Through the use of a Wi-Fi connection, you can set cameras and motion sensors throughout their home without having to worry about bothersome wires running all over the place.

    However, those system might not be cheap, you need to pay monthly charge for some system, anyway the best way is contact security provider or you can just get quotes on their website to determine the prices.

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