What to buy: Newer Townhouse or Older Single Family Home?

Question by Mark Fieldstone: What to buy: newer townhouse or older single family home?

We are family of 4 (kids are 4 and 1) are looking to buy a home in Bucks County, PA. What do you think will be the better choice for our single family home? Budget is

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Answer by rtfm
Single family home will have a better resale value and in general is far preferable for a young family. Condos are for singles.

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  1. Depends on what your priorities are. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. With the townhome, are there HOA fees? Which has the better location and better school district? If all factors are equal, I’d go for the newer townhouse. Buying an older home would make me nervous, because I’d be afraid things would start breaking or would need replaced. Home repairs are definitely a headache and aren’t cheap. I’d go with the hassle-free option of a newer townhome.

  2. Art Vandelay says

    I’d lean toward the single family home. You only have 2 kids today; if that changes you may have some remodeling room in a house but probably none in a townhome. And generally it will be hard to sell a townhome than a house if you need to “move up”.

  3. Hi Mark,

    There are pros and cons to both, a townhouse and a single family home. For a townhouse you will need to consider: a shared wall with a neighbor, smaller yard, possible association fees, restrictions because of an association, less exterior maintenance, possibly no lawn or snow maintenance. With a single family home: it’s yours, you don’t share any walls with neighbors, no restrictions by an association, no additional monthly fees for association perks and maintenance, larger yard, flexibility with exterior decorations and much more.

    I am a licensed real estate agent in Bucks County and I have access to every single home on the market today. Plus using an experienced agent like myself in a purchase transaction, will not cost you anything. Please reach out to me and I will be glad to sit down with you and put down the pros and cons on paper and run the numbers together to see what makes sense the most for your family. 267.242.2712 or [email protected]. Thanks! Olga

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