When you purchased your first home, how did you know that home was the “one” you wanted?

Question by Christy: When you purchased your first home, how did you know that home was the “one” you wanted?

I am currently working with a real estate agent in looking for my first home. My budget is tight because I’m only 19 years old but I am looking for a townhome in my area.

I am actually coming up with a lot of choices, and it’s so hard to filter through them all without getting too excited and wanting to jump at certain oppurtunities.

When you purchased your first home, did you just “know” that was the one you wanted to buy? How did you know? Did it just stick out in your mind?

When you purchased your first home – Best answer:

Answer by loach
you’ll know by the way you feel in the house. it will feel natural and you’ll know that it’s home. that’s how we picked our house and we still love it!

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  1. Good question. I’m house hunting too. I’d suggest that you take notes on every house you see, write down all your likes and dislikes and your concerns.

  2. TheVeryThoughtOfYou says

    There were specific ones we ruled out because of location or silly things like the backyard being so steep we couldn’t mow it easily. The one we ended up buying, though, I walked into and just felt like I was home. It didn’t look at all like it looks now. It had ugly carpeting and boring wall colors, but something in me saw through all that and knew it was the one I wanted. I liked the layout, I liked the yard, and I liked that it was on a cul-de-sac. I think a quality house, a quality location, and a floorplan you like are really most important. Remember that you can always change the walls or the floors! Good luck on your quest!

  3. I felt so sorry for my realtor when I bought my first home, because I knew what I didn’t want more than what I wanted. I was on a tight budget at the time, like you. One day, I was out driving to an appointment and got lost. I ended up on this nice neighborhood and was trying to find my way out when I saw a house for sale. I said to myself, “that’s it!” It was the cutest little bungalow and I just saw myself living there! I pulled in the drive, called my realtor, gave her the address and told her to put in a bid. I was living there 2 weeks later. So, I guess to answer your question, you just know.

  4. My husband and had to wait along time before we were able to afford a house. We had been discussing it for years and had a list of certain things we wanted in a house. Brick ranch, large yard, quite neighborhood where the homes aren’t too close together,etc. We were out looking and got lucky in finding the one we wanted at a really good price.

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