Where do I begin to get a retro vintage look in my home?

Question by dester: Where do I begin to get a retro vintage look in my home?

My HomeI am trying to switch from a country primitive style decorating to a more retro vintage happy homemaker look, 1930’s 1950’s look in my home. My home budget is only a sewing thread, not a shoe string. What is the first low cost thing I can do?

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Answer by fugazi48
Paint is pretty inexpensive, Shermin Williams has retro paints grouped in 50s-60s colors. pretty cool. We choose a light green for our kitchen. Looks great with Satin Nickel hardware.

remembers, you can get a discount with some insurance company and motor club cards.

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  1. I’d say the first thing to do would be to declutter. The “Happy Homemaker” look was very tidy, very efficient.

    Then I’d add some small touches – doilies, family photos in simple frames. Cruise yard sales when possible.

    Then work on color – start with the walls, as they are relatively easy and relatively inexpensive to paint. You can make covers for your furniture from any material, including sheets and tablecloths. Same for curtains.

  2. Visit yard sales, estate sales and junk/thrift stores. They often have a lot of retro treasures and you can pick up some bargains.

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