Why do Republicans think that Business leaders can run government and that the economy is like a home budget?

Question by Zappa Fan: Why do Republicans think that Business leaders can run government and that the economy is like a home budget?

Like Meg Whitman in California. She has no political experience. But, Republicans are fawning all over her because she ran E-Bay. Businesses are not democracies, and it is not always a smooth transition from business to Government, where the situation is much more complex. Also, the economy is more complex than a home budget. This is what the Tea Partiers need to understand. Cutting spending isn’t always the best solution like it might be in a home.
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Home Budget – Best Answer:

Answer by Holy Cow!
George Bush promised to run government like a business back in his 2001 campaign. I know he certainly bankrupted the government like one of his businesses.

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  1. That the tea partiers don’t understand basic economics — most people don’t — and so are easily misled by demagogues.

  2. exactly. they are unable to relate to anything outside their direct experience. MOst forget that many business leaders are white collar criminals who haven’t been caught yet. BP ran a great company with huge profits. Odd no one wants the likes of them in office.

  3. If government was run more like a business then we wouldn’t be over 13 trillion dollars in debt would we.

  4. MSG Snarky says

    Why did liberals think that a ” community organizer ” would be able to organize the world ” commnunity ” ?

  5. Right on!
    Down with business leadres, we want community organizers

  6. The only thing I might could think of that might be worse would be a community organizer with less than a single term in the senate.

  7. Lady Laissez Faire says

    Obviously, you have never run a Business because if you did – you would see how Obama’s policies are the ABSOLUTE wrong thing to do during a recession.

    “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it”
    Thomas Sowell

  8. Liberal AssKicker, CPA says

    Liberals are forced to be this stupid in the 2010 election because you’ve been utter failures in everything you’ve proposed.

  9. how_would_I_know says

    Nobody is saying the economy is like a home budget.. we’re saying the federal budget is like a home budget scaled up a few hundred million times.

    If you spend more than you bring in.. you’re in trouble.
    It’s easier to reduce spending than it is to increase income.
    The interest on heavy debt eats away at your budget without providing anything beneficial.

    It’s very similar.

  10. Unfortunately, some of the ideas tha work well in business won’t work in government, although some are applicable.[ The major function in business is to generate a profit. The major function of a government is to maximize social welfare. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but protecting or maximizing the welfare of citizens is far more complex than increasing profits in a business. Most business people don’t get this. The need to take some courses in economics, rather than finance.

  11. This is not America says

    They live in a fantasy land. You have to remember that if it were up to Republicans the US would’ve never evolved past the golden age of the 1950s. It’s 2010 and with all the turmoil, technology, international dependencies and changing consciousness the world is seeing they want the economy to follow the rules and patterns of an simplistic 70 year old ideology.

    In 1950 pretty much NOTHING about the US looked or functioned the way it did in 1880. This is what they don’t get.

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